Support Executive

Calling all support superheroes! A top Irish distribution brand needs a Support Executive to join their team for an exciting 3-month mission of providing stellar support.

Your mission:
Explore the Dynamic Role of a Sales Support Executive!
Join a dynamic team where you'll handle everything from crafting New Line Forms and dazzling promotional proposals to maintaining meticulous promotional calendars and ensuring all customer portals are ship-shape. You'll be the master of multitasking, from managing customer recharges and claims to supporting field sales operations and keeping our business sailing smoothly. Ready to bring your A-game to customer and client support? Let's make waves together!"
Can you wield Excel like a wizard, conjure up IT magic with Office 365 and SAP, and crunch numbers like a pro? We need someone who can predict issues before they happen, juggle tasks like a pro circus performer. Experience in office wizardry and client charm? That's a must. Apply now and join a team of problem-solving, spreadsheet-slinging superheroes!"

Location: Wexford (3months contract)

Salary: Competitive

Job Ref: 9249PL

To apply send your CV, through our website

For further information regarding this role, please contact us on 01 6619636.

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