Supply Chain Coordinator

Supply Chain Coordinator - Northern Dublin: Join the forefront of Ireland's premier frozen food enterprise as their newly appointed Supply Chain Coordinator, infusing the essence of superior gastronomy and impeccable service.

In this pivotal role, you will orchestrate the intricate ballet of inbound and outbound movements of frozen consummate creations across all affiliated warehousing platforms in Ireland. Your mastery will extend to meticulous updates within the designated system platform, ensuring the symphony of correct stock rotation and allocation prevails.

About the Role:

  • Supervision of the procession from PODs to the harmonious crescendo of orders transmuting into invoices, while adeptly managing returns, rejections, and the cadence of credit note control.
  • The art of receiving, orchestrating the planning, and setting the stage for order bookings, setting the rhythm for triumphant daily distributions.
  • A harmonious interplay with Transport Service Providers (TSPs) and the maestros of customer representation, ensuring the grand performance aligns with our client's exacting standards. The tempo of Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLP’s) will dance under your guidance, their performance finely tuned to meet our most discerning requirements.
  • A symposium of support and indispensable data provision for the Ireland Commercial Team, forging a bridge between their ambitions and the choreography of production planners.
  • A virtuoso in addressing inquiries, your cadence will encompass customer orders, deliveries, and even the most intricate notes of customer complaints, transmuting discord into harmonious resolution.
  • Keeper of the stock's virtuous accuracy within the Warehouse Management System, achieved through the rhythm of routine stock mirroring.
  • Arbiter of conformity in the realm of stock movements, transforming deviations into consonance.
  • Daily processing of delivered orders, the overture to the grand act of Invoicing.
  • The nurturing of allocation and deployment to our Third Party Logistics partners, your guidance transforming logistics into a sonnet of seamless execution.
  • A seeker of operational sonatas, identifying passages to refine and amplify the workflow's rhythm.
  • Custodian of PODs, your mastery extends to serenading Accounts and Credit Control queries with responsive clarity.
  • The conductor of reports, crafting the score of Management Reports and KPIs at the mere suggestion.
  • Collaborator extraordinaire, orchestrating the symphony that culminates in the crescendo of satisfaction for our cherished Ireland Customer base.

About You:

The ideal candidate shall unfurl a tapestry of aptitudes, including:

  • The virtuosity of analytical insight, transforming data into arias of strategy.
  • The architect of meticulous planning, crafting the blueprints of organization.
  • A maestro of stock control and distribution, weaving the symphony of supply chain excellence.
  • Fluent in the suite of Microsoft applications, effortlessly composing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
  • Compose your future as the guiding melody within our exquisite tableau of quality cuisine and service excellence.

Location: Dublin North

Salary: Competitive

Job Ref: 9081BF

To apply send your CV, through our website

For further information regarding this role, please contact us on 01 6619636.

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